The Chamber of Preveza Organized a Workshop on Capitalizing the Results of the FRESH WAYS Project on December 5, 2022

The Chamber of Preveza Organized a Workshop on Capitalizing the Results of the FRESH WAYS Project on December 5, 2022


Preveza Chamber, with the support of EURICON, successfully organized on Monday, December 5, 2022 at its facilities, the Capitalization Workshop of the results of the cross-border project: "FRESH WAYS – Crossborder Mechanism for Greek Interrmodal and Multimodal Transport of Fresh Products", funded by the Cooperation Program "Interreg V/A Greece- Italy 2014-20".


The workshop was attended by representatives of the corporate structure of the project, as well as many stakeholders, such as the Region of Epirus, ETVA VI.PE. S.A., the Hellenic Transport Chamber Business Association (E.E.S.M.), many members of the Board of Directors. of the Chamber of Preveza but also local companies providing logistics services.


The workshop began with the welcome of the President of the Chamber of Preveza, Mr. Ioannis Bouris, who pointed out the important role played by the agri-food sector in the region, and emphasized the great interest of the Chamber in the creation of agri-food logistics infrastructure within the Industrial Area of Preveza , which is located right on the road connecting Aktion Airport with the Port of Igoumenitsa, enabling the development of multimodal transport.

Next, Mr. Mario Pertile, Special Projects Manager of Apulia Airports, presented the FRESH WAYS project. The keynote speaker of the event, Prof. Dimitrios Vlachos, Director of the Laboratory of Supply Chain Management, Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, took the floor immediately after, who analyzed the possibilities of further development of multimodal transport in the common cross-border area of Greece - Italy.


Afterwards, the scientific staff of the Universities of Patras and Salento, Ms. Panagiota Sarantis and Mr. Gianvito Mitrano, presented in detail the digital platform developed within the framework of the FRESH WAYS project, with the aim of supporting the distribution of fresh agri-food products using combined means of transport.


Finally, Mrs. Eirini Sylleli, executive of the company EURICON E.P.E. - BUSINESS ADVISORS presented on behalf of the Chamber of Preveza, specific proposals - directions for the further utilization and capitalization of the results of the FRESH WAYS project after its end.

After the end of the Workshop, a study visit was carried out by the participants, starting with the Airport of Aktion, where the common interest of the 2 Airports of Apulia and Aktion was expressed for the development of joint collaborations, and after to 3 representative local Agri-Food - Supply Companies based in of the Industrial Area of Preveza and demonstrate high dynamism and interest in cross-border cooperation.