Quality Policy


The EURICON LTD. implements a comprehensive Quality Management System in accordance with the specifications of the International Standard ISO 9001:2015.

The Quality Policy of the EURICON LTD. consists in the delineation of common objectives with the contracting Customer with the first and main objective the strengthening of the business of the position. This is achieved by providing excellent consulting services, services and events that are designed, analyzed and implemented in the light:

  • Adaptability to the requirements, practices, and possibilities of a particular Customer.
  • Practicality of their implementation.
  • Effectiveness

The Objective Quality Objectives which have been set by the EURICON LTD are as follows:

  • Ensure development prospects of the company
  • Strengthening its position in the market
  • Increase the degree of customer satisfaction
  • Ongoing training, development experience, skills and expertise of human resources
  • Ensuring availability of necessary resources
  • Continuous improvement in external image of the company
  • The continuous improvement of the Quality System.


General Manager