Η EURICON operates and continues to provide the 1990 consulting services in the following areas:

    • Coordination, Management and Evaluation of Projects co-financed from the European structural funds (E.E.E. THESSALY 1994-1999, E.E.E. CONTINENT 1994-99, E.E. Agriculture 1994-99, E.E. Industry 1994-99, Etc.E. EMPLOYMENT, ETC.E. LEADER II, E.E. CULTURE 2000-2006, E.E. COMPETITIVENESS 2000-06, E.E.E.A.Y. 2000-06, Etc.E. LEADER+, K.E. EQUAL etc.e.).
    • Support for businesses through the development act and other financial tools.
    • Assessment of Specific investments of the investment law. (modernization of enterprises and implementation of quality assurance systems).
    • Studies of modernization of enterprises and design of Quality Assurance Systems (ISO 9000, HACCP).
    • Implementation of Joint educational programs with the former eastern bloc countries, in the framework of TEMPUS.
    • Participation in the implementation – evaluation of pilot training in the framework of the LEONARDO.
    • Preparation and Monitoring of Local Employment Programmes (Local Employment Pact Imathia).

Also the EURICON:

  • He serves on the board for the Evaluation of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, with the object of the evaluation of 5,000 Projects to Aid Farmers across the country.
  • Provides consulting Services to businesses with a view to the reorganization within the Programme for the Restructuring of Enterprises and sectors affected by the economic crisis.
  • Consultative support for the National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance for the creation of an interactive portal for career guidance.
  • Worked with the Regions of West Macedonia and Epirus for the preparation of Integrated Development Programmes Rural Sites, 2000-2006.
  • Collaborated with the South Aegean Region for studies maturation of projects for inclusion in the NSRF, in articles relating to the establishment of structures for support of Entrepreneurship and expansion of Broadband Infrastructure.
  • Prepared by the interim evaluation reports of the Local Leader+ in the Prefectures of Kozani, Chalkidiki Evros.
  • Has produced several Local Development Programs.Sq.A. (KASSANDRAS – MOYDIANON – SITHONIA – ABOVE JOINT VENTURE WAS INCLUDED – KERKINI).
  • Planning Systems Management Competence on behalf of candidates beneficiaries of projects co-funded by the NSRF 2007-13.
  • Participated in the implementation of a programme to support Women's Employment and Entrepreneurship in the area of the Municipality of Lake of the Prefecture of Serres. (NOW).
  • He served as the Technical Advisor of the Region of Central Macedonia, providing technical support in the maturation and integration in the ROP of Macedonia –Thrace projects involving the 3rd and 4th Bedroom.E.E.
  • Works in National and European Projects with many Companies in the Private and Public Sector.
  • Works in National and European Projects with a lot of Chambers of commerce of Northern Greece as well as with many development companies.