Kissamos-Chania Gastronomy Routes

Kissamos-Chania Gastronomy Routes


The project titled “Development of a Cross-Border Network for the Promotion of Sustainable Tourism” with the acronym “CROSS-COASTAL-NET”, of the cooperation Program INTERREG V-A GREECE-CYPRUS 2014-2020, was completed on 30/9/2023 with total success.

During the implementation of the project, a series of very important and useful results were produced for the effective management and promotion of two sensitive cross coastal areas, the Balos Lagoon and the Akama Peninsula, as sustainable tourist destinations.


Within the framework of the project above, EURICON prepared on behalf of the Chania Chamber of Commerce and Industry three (3) sustainable tourist routes that promote the diet of the residents of the area, which is linked to local production and local flora, with the famous pharmaceutical and dietary value, while simultaneously following its pilgrimage dimension, which includes fasts, with a differentiated gastronnomic approach for certain periods of the year. The start of all routes is in Kissamos or Balos (Observatory, Visitor Information Centers) however, the start of each route by each visitor can be done from any point of it or be done segmentally and periodically. The total distance and duration of the tourist routes depend on the mode of travel and is differentiated by the number of stops and the level of difficulty which increases significantly for hikers and cyclists.


The Fisherman’s route has all the features that interest the lovers of amateur fishing, coastal fishing but also fishing by boat or diving fishing.

The Olive’s route has all the features that interest the explorer taster who is looking for healthy quality diet, wants to know the culture of the olive, experience the landscapes, the products and to get to know the traditions of the olive and olive oil.

The Shepherd’s route takes you through the amazing mountains and valleys of Crete, where the visitor learns about the local shepherds, their way of living and along the way identifies the delicious goat cheese and other Cretan dishes.


Orchards with fruits, vegetables and herbs, as well as vineyards, wineries-distillers and also bakeries are common elements of all routes.

The video of the project shows all the sustainable tourist routes developed within the framework of CROSS-COASTAL-NET.

Watch the video here:

The CROSS-COASTAL-NET project is implemented within the framework of the INTERREG V-A GREECE- CYPRUS 2014-2020 Cooperation Program and is co-funded by the European Union (E.R.D.F) and by National resources of Greece and Cyprus.